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Business Owner

Managed Services Provider

Why make use of us?

We can fill in the gaps with I.T support, when Head Office I.T says they cannot help you.

How much does it cost?

We need to know how many machines you have as we charge once off for the year per machine.

(Includes patch maintenance, disk maintenance, software updates)

For ad-hoc and/or additional support ,we will investigate the problem remotely and provide a support quote before resolving the problem.

What does it entail?

Just fill in the below form, and we will email you a link with software to install.

It is that simple.

Is it safe?

Yes, when we need to look at the problem, you need to accept our connection otherwise we cannot help you.

We cannot see what is happening on your screen unless you give us permission.

What do I do if a have a problem?

Just open a ticket at the bottom of the screen and we will contact you.

  Right click and select submit ticket

Simply click on the request software link

Request Software


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